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What our clients are saying...

Our business, Family EyeCare Center of Leavenworth, has been a client of O'Donnell Professional Services for over 27 years. Behind the scenes, Larry has been a tremendous wealth of knowledge and an integral part of our business' success as we have grown from one to three optometry office locations. Over the years Larry has advised us regarding our business structure, dealing with required government filings, business tax planning, business expansion. and personal income tax preparation. He has always been willing to spend time educating us about the implications of a major purchase or acquisition on business and personal taxes, preparing documents for financial institutions, and attending meetings with us to answer questions on our behalf and advise us financially regarding complex business dealings.

Kyle, Optometrist - Family EyeCare Center of Leavenworth

I just wanted to let you all know how amazing all of your employees are and how happy I have been with you all. You have really listened and understood where I am and what we need here to make things run smoother for us. Ever since turning over all the accounting and bookkeeping to you all I have way less stress and worry, and more time to focus on what I actually want to do. I love the different apps you all have, like Receipt Bank and, and especially the ADP payroll, they are making everything so easy. I honestly do not dread payroll anymore! Thanks for all you do!


Why I use Larry O'Donnell Professional Services, PA to prepare my income tax return - THEY PROVIDE EXEMPLARY, ACCURATE, PROFESSIONAL SERVICE. THEY KNOW IRS TAX LAW!!!!!

I left Leavenworth, KS in 2003 and now live in Ocean City, MD. I continue to retain Larry O'Donnell Professional Services, PA. My return is somewhat complicated. To help me gather the data Larry needs he provides an excellent guide to assist me. If necessary, Larry's staff calls me with questions. Larry's mission is to ensure my return is accurate and follows pertinent tax law.

An additional service provided by Larry O'Donnell Professional Services, PA is to provide me information during the year to ensure I have current IRS tax information. Also, his friendly and knowledgeable staff answer my questions quickly and accurately. I highly recommend you retain Larry O'Donnell Professional Services, PA for any tax or business requirements.